Tuesday, February 22, 2011

First Fill News

I had my first fill yesterday.  I made my appointment a few weeks ago and I have to say it was so easy.  The whole FillCentersUSA thing seemed a little scary to me.  I wish I could go back and forth to the OCC to have my aftercare, but I knew that wasn't a reality when I got into this.

Casey went with me - I made him drive (like always!)  Google said it was 2 hours and 4 munites to St. Pete, but when we got in the car at 8:30 my GPS said we would be there at 10 something.  It really is a nice drive too...you have to drive over this reeeeeaaaalllllyyyy long land bridge thingy and you're surrounded by water.  I pretended my car was a ship and I was on a very short cruise..LOL!!

So we go there early and I did paperwork and then they weighed me (drumroll please)  I am down to 322!!  HOLY SCHNEIKES BATMAN!!  That's a total loss of 47 pounds - 12 since surgery.  This is very good news.  They use the same scale Dr. Miranda used before my surgery - the one that prints out the little ticket with all your stats.  I looked and thought it said my body fat was 176% and I CRACKED UP!!  Only me...

The lady that does the fills is a board certified LPN or something of the sort.  She was very nice - and she does fills under fluoro, which is why I chose her instead of the one closer to me.

I laid on the table - she found my port, put the needle in and had me sit up.  I have to say - it felt a little wierd.  I guess the reality of a foreign object in my body finally hit me when I could feel the port as she accessed it.  I felt her prime my band by putting fluid in and then taking it out.  Then she had me sip water and she filled.  I ended up with 4.4cc's.  Which is a little more than I figured I would get.

The whole thing took about 15 minutes. 

I feel a little yucky today.  I think it may be from being back on liquids.  Have I mentioned I hate soup??
I went to the gym tonight, but when I got on the treadmill to warm up I just felt crappy.  My trainer said she didn't want to work out if she had to go easy on me, so we cancelled tonight.  I was kind of glad...I'm super tired.

I hope everyone out there in Band Land is doing well...every day gets us closer to our goals, you know!  Nighty Night Beautiful Girls!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Weigh In Wednesday And I have a Nemesis and It's Name is Peanut Butter M&M's

Well Helloooooooo everyone.  I have been decidedly absent for the last week from Blog world.  My bad!! 

Good news on the WL front - it seems weight loss has found me again.  I have lost another 2 pounds, so now I am down 44 pounds.  Me likey!!

Casey and I have gone to the drive in movies the last 2 Saturday nights.  I love it!  Casey says the best thing about the drive in is you're in your own space - and if you want to talk or laugh loud or fart, it's ok.  He regretted giving me permission on that last one...LOL!!  Sorry, gross, I know!  But this is where the PB M&M's come in.  Movies = candy and popcorn.  And I have been craving chocolate and peanut butter SOOOOO much.  Well, needless to say this ended badly!!  But I'm not kicking myself, and I am still on track.

I have been crazy busy at work.  My receptionist/customer service person is getting a promotion, so I am interviewing and now will have to spend all my time training.  YUK YUK YUK!!! 

The gym is going well.  I feel like I am never at home anymore - I'm either at work or the gym.  I still need to work on getting my cardio in every day.  My treadmill laughs at me from the corner of my home office!!  I think my main problem is...oh, wait!  I can't tell you that cause it's one of my 7 things.  Here we go:

1. I met Casey online.  Way before e-harmony and all that.  I met his best friend in a chat room on AOL Instant Messenger and then met Casey thru his best friend.  So now you know a successful internet couple.  Our 10 year anniversary is next Wednesday, so I think we are a success!

2. I hate shoes.  This is what I was going to say above.  I think I don't like the gym or the treadmill because it means I have to wear shoes.  LOL.  I am such a weirdo.

3. I have two best friends.  Tara is my OBF (Orlando best friend) and Heather is my BFF from high school.  I don't know what I would do without them.

4. I love to cook.  And I am having the BEST time finding good things to cook now that I have the band.  I made the best "Beijing Chicken Wings" on Sunday.  Let me know if you want the recipe.

5. I am a stickler for customer service.  I grew up working in my parent's store, and I can not stand to get or see someone else receive poor customer service.  I will drop a store in a heartbeat if I don't feel I am treated right.  I mean, it's my money, don't I deserve it??

6. I have no desire to have kids. 

7. I am extremely buoyant.  I don't know if it's excess body fat, but my dad is the same way.  I hope it doesn't go away as I lose weight.  I can tread water for hours, and you never know when this might come in handy.

Thanks to everyone who nominated me for my blogger award.  Love you guys!!
I really want to say again - thanks for all of your support.  You guys have made this "bandster hell" so much easier.  My fill is on Monday.  I am going to see if they will let Casey take pics while she does it so I can post them. 

I hope you are all doing well.

Oh - one more thing.  Did you guys see the thing on HLN about the 4 women who died from complications after Lap-Band surgery?  We were in Red Lobster when it came on and I started crying.  And then I got really mad becasue some supposed "expert" was going on and on about how WLS is not the solution to a weight problem.  I wanted to pucnh him in his face. 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Weigh in Wednesday

FINALLY!!!!!  I have lost 2 pounds!!!  Small, I know - but I will take every ounce I can get!!  I have decided not to focus too much on the scale at least until after my fill on the 21st. 

I did have another NSV though...on Sunday I asked Casey to hook my bra for me (because it's his job as my husband) and he ended up hooking it on the third row of hooks and said that it was still too loose.  OMG!!!  I see cute Victoria's Secret bras in my future.  They dance like sugar plums in my dreams!!  Ok, so I know I'm still a way's off from Vicky's, but still.  I thought I might be losing inches and gaining muscle becasue of the gym sessions, but I think this confirms it.  How friggin' exciting is that??

I want to thank everyone for all your supportive comments - you guys really make me feel like I have a whole gang of people to turn to who know just what I'm going through.  You all know who you are...and you're totally awesome!!

In non-WLS news...I got a call from the Grad school I applied to today!  I have been preliminarily accepted, pending the receipt of transcripts from two schools that I took correspondence classes at while I was doing my bachelor's.  He said my application was great, my GPA was awesome and my reccommendations were really good as well.  I am so excited about this!  It is really time for me to get moving on this.  I like what I do now, and my co-workers are my secondary family, but it's not a career and I'm not getting any younger.  Time to get off my (shrinking) butt and figure out what I really want to be when I grow up!

I am behind - I was nominated by a couple people for an award, and I know I need to post my 7 things.  I am still thinking, and I promise to do this before the end of the weekend - and to pay proper homage to those who nominated me.

Love and kisses to all - and a grateful prayer for a future without diets!!  Toodles!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Weigh In Wednesday

Another week, Zero pounds.  I'm trying not to stress about it - I have my first fill scheduled for the 21st, and I'm hoping that will make a difference. 

I know my protein intake is not enough, so I have started having a shake in the morning.  Maybe this will work.

This has to turn around soon, right?  I mean, I can't have POSSIBLY gone through all this just to stay as fat as ever, right?  I feel like I am doing the right things and not seeing any results - and it's getting pretty depressing.

Sorry for being a downer.  Hope everyone is having a good day.  Half way to Friday!!