Thursday, April 28, 2011

Four month bandiversary!

So today is my four month bandiversary.  I don't know how to feel.  My loss has been slower than I had hoped, but it is still loss, and I won't complain about that.  Seriously - I could still be ol' Fatty Fatterson at my decision weight!! 

But Now I'm realizing I have only lost 20 pounds since my surgery.  Is this good or bad??  On the good side, my blood pressure is normal without meds - that's HUGE for me.  When I went to the doctor 2 weeks ago it was 100/70 - that's like skinny chick BP!!  On the bad side, I have only averaged 5 pounds a month since surgery.  Hmmm.  Maybe I'm just down in the dumps today.

Work has been busy and stressful.  I won't say any more.  Grad school is good.  I have 2 weeks left in this 8 week session and I am sooooo glad!!  This teacher is a nit-picker.  And honestly, I want to punch her in the face.  I'm going to get a B.  It's not what I wanted, but I will accept it and move on!  I am taking 2 classes next term and they are both math based, so I am glad to be getting back to what I like.  My bachelor's degrees are in accounting and financial management.

My brother and niece are coming on Monday and I have the whole week off.  Boy do I need it!!  We are going to the beach and I can't wait.  My niece can't stop talking about the beach - she's excited too! 

I have been trying to make good food choices, and really focus on protein and water.  I think it's working because I am dropping pounds and sizes now.  I bought something in "normal" size at Old Navy this weekend!!  Granted, they are stretchy material, and it's an XXL, but I was wearing 4X before my decision to have surgery.

Oh!!  Here's the promised pic of me and my new hot wheels!!  LOL!  It's so cute!!  And GREAT on gas!

And yes, that IS a cheeseburger on my husband's car in the background.  Temptation anyone??  LOL!

I hope everyone out there in blog land is happy and healthy.  I will post some pics from my vacation next week (and hopefully be in better spirits.)  I think I just need a nap!  Love and sunshine from Florida!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

A downward trend....

So I know I said I was only going to weigh on Wednesdays to keep from getting obsessed.  But you didn't think I was serious right???  I usually sneak one in on Saturdays.

I think I am finally back on track with my eating - still need to drink more water (especially now that I feel like I'm getting a bladder infection, gross.)

I just weighed and it says 317!!  Woo hoo!  This is the weight I was when I went for my first lap band consult in 2006.  If only I had been ready then, I wouldn't have ever gotten to my miserable 369 pounds.  Thank God for my band.  I am living my life on my terms again - this fat will NO LONGER rule my days. 

Time for a mini goal - I am flying to see my best friend in Chicago for Memorial Day weekend.  I had originally said I wanted to be 275 that weekend, but I don't see that happening.  Now I would like to set an NSV goal instead.  I want to fly without the seat belt extender.  It will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine!!

Congrats to Ronnie on getting to 50 pounds down!! 

Anyways chickies - I'm off to the vet with Buddy and then car shopping.  Fun day!  Love and sunshine from sunny FL!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Back to the gym and 50 POUNDS (revisited)!!

So - as you may have guessed, I have lost the elusive 1 pound and I am back down to 319 (50 pounds lost.)  No more binge drinking for (wow - I just sounded like an alcoholic!)

I finally got back into the gym tonight after almost 2 weeks.  I refuse to complain about my crazy job in this post, but if you have been following, you will remember how crazy things have been.  It felt to good to get back and I did 30 minutes of cardio and then an hour with my trainer.  She really whipped my hiney tonight.  I was surprised because everything felt light on my normal settings tonight.  Alex says I "came back strong"  LOL.  But seriously - I was like super Melissa tonight!!

I am STILL struggling to get into a routine with my cardio at home.  It seems even more hard to get it in now that I have to focus on school work at night too.  Thank God I have lost weight and have more energy - a year ago I would be sleeping right now from everything I'm trying to cram in my days.

We had a pizza lunch today at work.  I ate one piece of pizza - I can't remember in my whole life before the band being able to be satisfied with ONE piece of pizza.  It was such a great realization - looking down at that second piece on my plate and just not wanting it.  I love my band.

That being said - I think I am almost ready for another fill.  I don't know if it's soon, or the right time, or what.  I have 4.4 cc's from my first fill on 2/21.  What do you guys think?  Let's talk about "restriction."  Is it real or just a state of mind?  I know what "stuck" feels like, but I just don't know if what I experience when I eat can be called restriction.

Do you guys eat pineapple?  I read somewhere that some bandsters can't.  I have discovered a true love for pineapple - it's so good, and it keeps me not hungry for HOURS.  What do you guys eat that keeps you satisfied for a long time?? 

I'm going car shopping this weekend - I will post pics of me in my new ride!!  Hope all is well in band land for all my lovely friends.  Stay strong!!  Super Melissa, signing off.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Weigh in Wednesday

Hello my dears.  I have missed you terribly, did you notice I was gone??  LOL. 

Well, the last few weeks have been...eventful.

Work is still crazy.  My ops manager is back after 3 weeks travelling, and it's nice to have him there to shoulder some of the things that were driving me crazy.  Honestly, we are such a close-knit team at work that's it's just stressful when one of us is missing.  Plus we are doing samples for the High Point Furniture Market, and that is always a crazy time.

I had my first puking experience with the band...yuck.  Casey and I both had the stomach flu last weekend.  It was a short spell, thank goodness.  Mine started Sunday at about 7 PM and I only threw up once.  It was pretty awful, but not as bad as I was afraid it would be.  I think the worst part was the panic about what could happen to my band.  I called the fill doc first thing on Monday and she called some anti-nausea meds in for me.  When I found out they were suppositories, I willed myself to not be sick anymore.  Exit only folks, exit only.

I am one pound away from working off the SEVEN POUNDS that I gained on my night of drinking with friends - it's only been a friggin' month.  So I am back down to 49 pounds lost.  Putting this into perspective...this is 25% of my ultimate goal for my loss.  And it's over one third of the loss I need to reach the goal the nutritionist set for me.  I think that is AWESOME if I do say so myself!!  Not too shabby for 5 months since my decision to have surgery.

I have made some crappy food decisions during my last three weeks of work stress.  Realization made, now moving forward.  I am trying to get more water in - not doing too bad.  I probably get about 60 ounces every day.

We went to the beach last weekend - the same day as the puking, but earlier in the day.  LOL.  It was the weekend that the moon was so big, and the tides were crazy.  Check out this cool shot of the underwater jetty that was out of the water because the tide was so low:
Pretty awesome.  Now that spring is here I'm hoping to get some wear out of the ton of bathing suits I bought last year - before they are too big.  So hopefully We'll be spending more time at the beach.  We cancelled our cruise, but we're going to beach it with my brother and neice when they are here in May.  I'm super excited!
Well my friends in blog land, it's nighty night time again!  Keep up the good work!  We are all awesome for changing our lives - that means you!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Weigh in Wednesday!!

Ok, so I know it's Thursday and I'm a day late, but let's just pretend.

This week has been crazy.  Work is really stressful right now. I discovered last night that my band does not like stress and anger mixed together.  I had a little verbal altercation with one of our salesmen, and I was so mad!!  Well, when I hung up the phone I was almost doubled over from my stomach hurting.  You know the expression "my stomach is in knots"?  I never understood that till last night.

 I have gained 4 pounds.  Let me explain...last Friday we decided to go out for some drinks.  And some drinks turned into LOTS of drinks.  When I weighed on Saturday I was back up SEVEN pounds!!  LMAO!! 

So I've lost 3 of those pounds during the week, and I am not kicking myself.  But I know I have to not do that again (I had a totally awesome time though!)

I haven't posted any pictures for a while, and I have never taken shots of myself to show body shape and stuff, so here we go.

Her's a pic of my scars.  The fill doctor told me I had healed really well, and I agree.  And no one but Casey is ever going to see this in person...

Stretch marks are stylish...if we keep saying that, maybe it will catch on!!

So I just took these and I am in my gym clothes, so excuse my Hot-Mess-Ness.

I SUPER DUPER hate the side view, but I am a work in progress, and soon enough I will be "High School Fine" as we like to say in my office.  Even though I was fat in high school, so I think I'd like to be "Finer than High School Fine"  LOL!
I think I am going to have to have the panniculectomy once I lose my weight.  I already feel like I have a big sagging fold of skin from just the weight I have lost.  I don't even want to think about what it will be like in the future.  But I'm not scared of cosmetic surgery (except for the price tag.)

Casey and I are going on a weekend cruise to the Bahamas at the end of April - the beach I want to go to in Nassau is a mile and a half walk from the ship.  So I am walking 1.5 on the treadmill every day between now and then to prepare.  It's a good goal 'cause at the end I get the beach!!

So - lessons learned this week...
#1 - Though drinking is fun, it is not a good match when you are trying to lose weight!
#2 - Maintain low stress/anger levels = happy band
#3 - Don't look at pictures of yourself in your workout clothes if you ever want to wear them to the gym again (LOL)

Love and kisses from Sunny FL - Good night beautiful ladies!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Weigh in Wednesday....50 pounds!!

Well, I guess the title kind of spoils my good news, but seriously....50 Freakin' pounds, people!! 

I have been so busy I feel like I haven't even had time to relish in my accomplishmnet.  But I have to admit, it feels so good.  This means I am averaging 10 pounds per month, and not too shabby since I just had my first fill last week!

I am still struggling with getting into a routine with my cardio every day.  I guess it's just like weight loss - a marathon, not a sprint.  I drive an hour to and from work and some nights I only want to crawl in to bed when I get home.  I'm nowhere near as exhausted as I was 50 pounds ago, but I still have those days.
And I'm getting ready to add to the load - school starts on the 21st.  I'll be doing online classes for the first 2 eight week sessions, so hopefully I can kick my own butt back into study mode.

Now let's talk bacon.....

I've always thought turkey bacan was supposed to be so much better for you.  Well, paint my door red and call me Elizabeth Arden...I was looking at center cut bacon versus turkey bacon and there's really very little difference.  Of course turkey bacon has a little less fat per serving.  But is it better to save the fat, or eat a more natural food?  I think I lean towards real bacon - just becasue I can't really invision how a turkey gets from being our feathered freind to looking like bacon.

What do you guys think?  Which do you prefer (if you are a carnivore like me) and why?

I have been loving the season right now in Florida - strawberries are soooo good right now.  Greek yogurt, strawberries or blueberries and a little granola have been the breakfast of choice in my house for the last week. 

We are thinking about going on a 3 day cruise at the end of April.  I really need to get away - and the beach calls to me! 

Hope all is well in Blog land.  Welcome new followers.  If you follow me and I'm not following you, please let me know.  I need to spend some time catching up with everyone's news.  I'm so proud of everyone and all we are accomplishing.  2011 is our year!!  TTFN!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

First Fill News

I had my first fill yesterday.  I made my appointment a few weeks ago and I have to say it was so easy.  The whole FillCentersUSA thing seemed a little scary to me.  I wish I could go back and forth to the OCC to have my aftercare, but I knew that wasn't a reality when I got into this.

Casey went with me - I made him drive (like always!)  Google said it was 2 hours and 4 munites to St. Pete, but when we got in the car at 8:30 my GPS said we would be there at 10 something.  It really is a nice drive have to drive over this reeeeeaaaalllllyyyy long land bridge thingy and you're surrounded by water.  I pretended my car was a ship and I was on a very short cruise..LOL!!

So we go there early and I did paperwork and then they weighed me (drumroll please)  I am down to 322!!  HOLY SCHNEIKES BATMAN!!  That's a total loss of 47 pounds - 12 since surgery.  This is very good news.  They use the same scale Dr. Miranda used before my surgery - the one that prints out the little ticket with all your stats.  I looked and thought it said my body fat was 176% and I CRACKED UP!!  Only me...

The lady that does the fills is a board certified LPN or something of the sort.  She was very nice - and she does fills under fluoro, which is why I chose her instead of the one closer to me.

I laid on the table - she found my port, put the needle in and had me sit up.  I have to say - it felt a little wierd.  I guess the reality of a foreign object in my body finally hit me when I could feel the port as she accessed it.  I felt her prime my band by putting fluid in and then taking it out.  Then she had me sip water and she filled.  I ended up with 4.4cc's.  Which is a little more than I figured I would get.

The whole thing took about 15 minutes. 

I feel a little yucky today.  I think it may be from being back on liquids.  Have I mentioned I hate soup??
I went to the gym tonight, but when I got on the treadmill to warm up I just felt crappy.  My trainer said she didn't want to work out if she had to go easy on me, so we cancelled tonight.  I was kind of glad...I'm super tired.

I hope everyone out there in Band Land is doing well...every day gets us closer to our goals, you know!  Nighty Night Beautiful Girls!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Weigh In Wednesday And I have a Nemesis and It's Name is Peanut Butter M&M's

Well Helloooooooo everyone.  I have been decidedly absent for the last week from Blog world.  My bad!! 

Good news on the WL front - it seems weight loss has found me again.  I have lost another 2 pounds, so now I am down 44 pounds.  Me likey!!

Casey and I have gone to the drive in movies the last 2 Saturday nights.  I love it!  Casey says the best thing about the drive in is you're in your own space - and if you want to talk or laugh loud or fart, it's ok.  He regretted giving me permission on that last one...LOL!!  Sorry, gross, I know!  But this is where the PB M&M's come in.  Movies = candy and popcorn.  And I have been craving chocolate and peanut butter SOOOOO much.  Well, needless to say this ended badly!!  But I'm not kicking myself, and I am still on track.

I have been crazy busy at work.  My receptionist/customer service person is getting a promotion, so I am interviewing and now will have to spend all my time training.  YUK YUK YUK!!! 

The gym is going well.  I feel like I am never at home anymore - I'm either at work or the gym.  I still need to work on getting my cardio in every day.  My treadmill laughs at me from the corner of my home office!!  I think my main problem is...oh, wait!  I can't tell you that cause it's one of my 7 things.  Here we go:

1. I met Casey online.  Way before e-harmony and all that.  I met his best friend in a chat room on AOL Instant Messenger and then met Casey thru his best friend.  So now you know a successful internet couple.  Our 10 year anniversary is next Wednesday, so I think we are a success!

2. I hate shoes.  This is what I was going to say above.  I think I don't like the gym or the treadmill because it means I have to wear shoes.  LOL.  I am such a weirdo.

3. I have two best friends.  Tara is my OBF (Orlando best friend) and Heather is my BFF from high school.  I don't know what I would do without them.

4. I love to cook.  And I am having the BEST time finding good things to cook now that I have the band.  I made the best "Beijing Chicken Wings" on Sunday.  Let me know if you want the recipe.

5. I am a stickler for customer service.  I grew up working in my parent's store, and I can not stand to get or see someone else receive poor customer service.  I will drop a store in a heartbeat if I don't feel I am treated right.  I mean, it's my money, don't I deserve it??

6. I have no desire to have kids. 

7. I am extremely buoyant.  I don't know if it's excess body fat, but my dad is the same way.  I hope it doesn't go away as I lose weight.  I can tread water for hours, and you never know when this might come in handy.

Thanks to everyone who nominated me for my blogger award.  Love you guys!!
I really want to say again - thanks for all of your support.  You guys have made this "bandster hell" so much easier.  My fill is on Monday.  I am going to see if they will let Casey take pics while she does it so I can post them. 

I hope you are all doing well.

Oh - one more thing.  Did you guys see the thing on HLN about the 4 women who died from complications after Lap-Band surgery?  We were in Red Lobster when it came on and I started crying.  And then I got really mad becasue some supposed "expert" was going on and on about how WLS is not the solution to a weight problem.  I wanted to pucnh him in his face. 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Weigh in Wednesday

FINALLY!!!!!  I have lost 2 pounds!!!  Small, I know - but I will take every ounce I can get!!  I have decided not to focus too much on the scale at least until after my fill on the 21st. 

I did have another NSV though...on Sunday I asked Casey to hook my bra for me (because it's his job as my husband) and he ended up hooking it on the third row of hooks and said that it was still too loose.  OMG!!!  I see cute Victoria's Secret bras in my future.  They dance like sugar plums in my dreams!!  Ok, so I know I'm still a way's off from Vicky's, but still.  I thought I might be losing inches and gaining muscle becasue of the gym sessions, but I think this confirms it.  How friggin' exciting is that??

I want to thank everyone for all your supportive comments - you guys really make me feel like I have a whole gang of people to turn to who know just what I'm going through.  You all know who you are...and you're totally awesome!!

In non-WLS news...I got a call from the Grad school I applied to today!  I have been preliminarily accepted, pending the receipt of transcripts from two schools that I took correspondence classes at while I was doing my bachelor's.  He said my application was great, my GPA was awesome and my reccommendations were really good as well.  I am so excited about this!  It is really time for me to get moving on this.  I like what I do now, and my co-workers are my secondary family, but it's not a career and I'm not getting any younger.  Time to get off my (shrinking) butt and figure out what I really want to be when I grow up!

I am behind - I was nominated by a couple people for an award, and I know I need to post my 7 things.  I am still thinking, and I promise to do this before the end of the weekend - and to pay proper homage to those who nominated me.

Love and kisses to all - and a grateful prayer for a future without diets!!  Toodles!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Weigh In Wednesday

Another week, Zero pounds.  I'm trying not to stress about it - I have my first fill scheduled for the 21st, and I'm hoping that will make a difference. 

I know my protein intake is not enough, so I have started having a shake in the morning.  Maybe this will work.

This has to turn around soon, right?  I mean, I can't have POSSIBLY gone through all this just to stay as fat as ever, right?  I feel like I am doing the right things and not seeing any results - and it's getting pretty depressing.

Sorry for being a downer.  Hope everyone is having a good day.  Half way to Friday!!

Monday, January 31, 2011

The Band Wagon keeps on rollin'

Hey folks!  It's me - I'm back!!  Well my little breakdown on Friday night actually kicked me into gear.  I didn't make it to my trainer session on Saturday because the dryer died Thursday night and they called Saturday morning to say they were delivering the new one Saturday between 11 and 3.  So that was a really boring 4 hour stretch where I decided to clean the house like a maniac. 

I organized the pantry - threw out all the crap food I can't eat.  I cleaned the fridge and did the same.  Casey is being forced to eat better becasue of my band too - trust me, it won't hurt him.

We went for Mexican food yesterday and I had ceviche.  It's one of my favorites, and it's really good for you.  Basically pico de gallo with fish in it.  I could eat fish all day.  Then we went to Lowe's to buy more stuff to organize/clean up the house.  I was thinking - I ALWAYS push the cart when we shop.  Before, it was so I could have something to kind of lean on when my back inevitably started to hurt.  Well, I still push the cart, but I don't NEED it anymore.  I can walk all day without back pain.  Oh, and I never have to get up and pee in the middle of the night anymore (is that TMI?).  I think those are two more NSV's!!  Wouldn't you agree??

Last night I used my Emerilware Steamer and made cauliflower and broccoli and Casey grilled some steak.  I LOVE steak, but I ate a tiny bit (about 3 ounces) and gave him the rest of mine.  Then I finished off with my DELISH cauliflower.  I feel like I am having so much more fun in the kitchen figuring out how to cook band-friendly.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks to you guys for being supportive and letting me know when I'm being silly!!  You are the best!  Happy Monday!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Excercise and the shame spiral - my story of self sabotage.

Ok.  So I did my first 2 work outs with my trainer on Wednesday and Thursday.  Alex is awesome.  She's not a yeller or a pusher (too much) but she knows how to encourage.  I actually found myself pushing myself harder than I imagined.  She would tell me to do a set of 12 and I would say "No, I can make it to 15."  Who the heck do I think I am???  LOL!  My stomach was pretty sore on Thursday at work, and I almost cancelled my workout that night.  But I knew that would not be the right thing to do.  So I went and worked out and I have felt great all day until........

It was a friend's birthday and we got off work early, so we went out.  Mistake #1.  I broke every band rule there is I think.  I made a bad food choice, I ate too fast, I ate too much, I didn't chew enough AND I drank while I was eating!!  Holy schneikes Batman!!  So now I am in my shame spiral.  I was driving home thinking I am so stupid and what if I stretched my pouch.  I would be like the first idiot in history to stretch an empty pouch.

UGH!  I do not like myself right now...and I usually LOVE myself.  Someone kick me please.

But I will be back on the band wagon tomorrow.  Another work out session at noon.  Sorry for disappointing my supporters.  (Hanging my head now...)

Good night kiddies.  Tomorrow is a better day.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Weigh In Wednesday

Lost 0 pounds since last Wednesday.  I don't want to talk about it...

I have my first session with the trainer tonight.  I'm hoping this will kick start some weight loss.  I was supposed to go last night but we were under tornado warning and neither of us thought it was a smart idea to be out and about.  I really get a good vibe from her (Alex, for future reference.)  I guess we will see how I feel about her at 7:00 tonight when the session is over!!  LOL!

I use Daily Plate to track calories, and it says at my height and weight with a sedentary lifestyle that I should be at 1280 calories a day to average 3 pounds loss per week. I am starting to think they made this number up out of thin air.  I know I wasn't eating that many calories on my pre-op, and I wasn't losing 3 pounds per week.  Is this too many calories?  Good grief...I just don't know.  What about protein? How much should I be taking in daily?  I think I am a little lost at to what my next steps should be.

But I was just 4 weeks post op I know I need to be patient.  I just wish the scale would move down a little bit to boost my spirits.  UGH.

I did get good news.  My mom is coming to visit next month and she's bringing my niece.  Then a couple days after they come, my dad and brother will join us.  It will  be so good to see everyone!!  I haven't seen my parents since May of 2009.
That's Natalee.  She's awesome!! 

Well, off to deal with some more ridiculous work stuff!  Happy Wednesday everyone!  Kisses...

Monday, January 24, 2011


Saturday night I was getting ready for chill out time with Casey.  We were going to watch all the DVR stuff from the week that we hadn't had time to catch up on (and snuggle.)  Well I couldn't find my yoga (read: fat) pants, so I went digging in the closet for something else to lounge around in.  I picked up this really cute pair of sleep shorts that I bought in 2008 for a trip to my parents' house.  Now, the last time I put these on, they barely fit over my hips and they were so tight I took them off in fear of busting them at the seams.  Well, low and behold I put them on and they not only fit, but they were loose enough for me to be comfy in!!!  Are you kidding!!!  This is my first NSV!!  AAAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!! 

Can you tell I am excited?

I refused to take them off yesterday.  I'm not usually one to stay in my PJs all day, but I was just too happy to be in them.  So I did housework, and then watched the football game all in my cutie pie sleep shorts! 

I graduated HS outside of Pittsburgh, so I love to see my Steelers win a big game!  Then after the game I chatted with one of my HS friends who is doing weight watchers.  We decided to be accountability partners, and we are going to share our Weigh in Wednesday results with each other for motivation.  I'm excited about that.

Anyway, just had to share.  Happy Monday (if that's even possible.)  Kisses....

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I am not really excited about this - I just like exclamation marks.  So I weighed myself and I have GAINED 3 pounds since I started solids.  WTF, WTH, WIGNIGO?  I made that last one up, and I think you should all use it...if you can figure out what it means...LOL!

I am happy to be off liquids.  And admittedly I have been eating some stuff I probably shouldn't be.  I had 3/4 of an enchilada on Tuesday and 11 shrimp last night. 

Oh, when I went to the doctor about my crazy non-chicken pox rash, they could not find my pulse to take my blood pressure.  I had been feeling wonky and suddenly I thought maybe my BP was too low.  I have not taken my pills in a few days and the wonkyness went away.  I'm gonna go back on them and see what happens and if the wonkyness comes back, I will have to go back to the doctor.  I would like it if I could not take them anymore. 

I feel like I have some restriction.  I mean, I was pretty full after my 3/4 of an enchilada, and before surgery I would have inhaled the whole plate.  I have been having tuna salad and fruit for lunch and it fills me up.  I like seeing how little I can eat and feel full.  It makes me feel like a skinny chick!!

I called the gym today to see about setting up to have some trainer sessions.  It's $25 for 30 minute sessions, and they have a deal for 12 sessions for $250.  So, I think I'm gonna start ASAP.  She is supposed to call me back for a consult.  I am still having little twinges in my port area, so I have some concerns about that.  And I'm gonna have to explain that.  I'd hate to push it and end up hurting myself or my band.  That would suck.  But I am in the mood to push myself.  I have sooooooo much energy.  My entire office staff is ready to move me out of the office into the plant.  I was running around  doing leg kicks out to the side on Monday.  LOL.  I think I may be insane.

So it's big time now.  Time to start being serious.  I am making chicken with artichokes and sun dried tomatoes tonight.  Weighing my food and sticking to the rules...check!  And I need to drink more water.  What are the rules about how long before and after meals you can drink???  I have heard 30 minutes and I have heard one hour.  Guess I need to email the doctor.

Happy Wednesday everyone...we're half way to the weekend!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Just sayin...

So first I have to vent...I don't understand people some times.  I'll give you a little back ground.  My parents had their own business when I was growing up.  They worked really hard to give us a great childhood, and even though I didn't always appreciate them then, I know they always had our best interests in mind.  That being said, my brother was born when I was 6 and a lot of my childhood after that revolved around being a caregiver for him.  I paid a lot of consequences for his stupid kid stuff, and it might not have been fair, but I love him so much I don't care (

So anyway,  2010 was a tough year.  My brother's wife left him and he is now a single dad of my 4 year old niece.  He is an awesome father.  They live in the mid-west, so I don't get to see them too often and that bums me out.  I found out last night that his ex-mother-in-law had the FREAKIN' NERVE to tell him that his ex-wife misses her daughter, but not him.   WHO SAYS SH*T LIKE THAT???

I mean, seriously...what kind of stupid heartless person would say that to someone who is just trying to make it as a single parent, and is still healing from a divorce that completely blindsided him??  I want to fly out there and beat the crap out of her.

Ok.  I'm done with that rant.  So now for a goal-setting moment.  My mom told me last night that her parents are flying out for Memorial Day to visit them.  I haven't had the best relationship with this set of grandparents.  They are continually calling us fat and making comments about our weight (me, my brother, my husband.)   When my Granny asked to see my wedding ring, she didn't say it was beautiful she looked at it and said " Wow, your fingers are fat..."  It was so bad a few years ago when we were on vacation in NC that we started calling our annual family vacation "Fat Camp"  LMAO!!  I love Fat Camp, and even when I lose weight I still want all vacations to be Fat Camp.

I digress...So I was thinking about going out for Memorial Day too just to rub my weight-loss in their faces (mature, I know.)  I want to be down to 275 for the trip.  I now have 19 weeks to lose 51 pounds.  That comes out to 2.68 pounds per week.  Totally manageable!!  After that my next goal will be to get down to 260 which would get me out of the "Super Obese" category..LOL!!  260 is also the last weight I know I was before I got married.  That would be awesome.  I obviously want to be a more in-shape, more toned version of myself at 260, but 260 sounds good!!

So off I go into the wild blue yonder...happy Thursday everyone!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I throw myself at your mercy...

I know, I know.  I have been a bad blogger.  I can't believe it's been over 2 weeks since my surgery.  It really has flown by.  Now this last week on liquids is another story.  I don't think it will ever end.

So let's go back to where I left off....

Surgery was easy.  I am minorly in love with Dr. Martinez.  I think he and I had a nice little moment in the OR when we were discussing Mexican music....that may have been my imagination or the anesthesia, so don't tell Casey.  Like I said, I went back to the hotel the night of the surgery and I went back in to the clinic for them to check me over the next day.  Then on Thursday morning we went to the airport and came home.  I did end up paying for an extra seat on our Southwest flight so we could have the whole row to ourselves.  This is THE BEST money I ever spent.  That would have been a long 8 hours jammed in a row with someone else.  Seriously, if you are going to travel for surgery spend the extra at least on your flight home.  It is more than worth it!!  And Southwest was awesome - they let me preboard and sold me the extra seat at the discount fare I originally paid.  They have made me a customer for life!! 

I was so glad to get home and see my babies.  And they were zonked from all the play time they had at the kennel, so we pretty much rested over the weekend. 

That's Buddy sleeping on my pillow!!  LOL.  He's so cute!

On Sunday I didn't want to put ANYTHING in my mouth.  I mean serioulsy I had no desire to even drink water.  Casey kept telling me I needed to drink, but of course I know everything and no one is the boss of me!!  Needless to say Monday morning when I got up to get ready for work, I was a HOT MESS!!

I almost passed out in the shower, and then I thought I was going to throw up.  I didn't puke, but I heaved and basically let out a huge burp.  I think it was just the gas, and once I burped I felt better.  But when I thought I was going to throw up I was praying and scared.  I learned my lesson.  I have been a good girl since then. 

I also have come down with pityriasis rosea.  It started before the surgery, and I thought it was just my nerves making me itchy.  Turns out it's a virus like chicken pox, and I have SUPER itchy red bumps all over my torso, thighs and biceps.  I kinda feel like God is playing a joke on me!!  Not enough to have surgery, but to be itching like I rolled in poison ivy too???  For real??  I went to my PCP last Wednesday and she said there's really nothing to be done and I just have to wait 4-6 weeks for it to go away.  Ok, if you say so.  I may not have any skin left after clawing it off for a month, but whatever you say, you are the medical professional.

Basically I have just been working and hanging out at home itching.  I have been a little tender in my port site - some days are worse than others.  I was not hungry at all till about day 12.  Which was this past Saturday.  I know now that I am going to have to really watch myself on the weekends.  That is traditionally when Casey and I drive around and we always seem to be eating something.  So I think I was miserable on Sunday while we were out just becasue NORMALLY we would stop and eat out somewhere.  Well, "Normal" is going to have to change for me, right?

I am ready to get past 21 days so I can start eating regular food again, working my band and finally get back to doing some exercise.  I want to see about setting up some sessions with the trainer at the gym so he can give me some input about how to tone and strengthen while I'm losing. 

OH!!  I forgot to even say - I lost 9 pounds in the first 8 days after surgery.  I haven't lost any more since I went on to full liquids, but I think it is becasue I'm drinking Ensure for meal replacement and it has way more carbs than I would like, but it's keeping me from having no energy and I need that right now.  Dr. Miranda told me not to stress on losing right now anyway - the liquids phase is about healing, not losing.  I can live with that.  I mean, I didn't GET fat in 3 weeks, so I know it's not going away that fast!!