Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Weigh in Wednesday

Hello my dears.  I have missed you terribly, did you notice I was gone??  LOL. 

Well, the last few weeks have been...eventful.

Work is still crazy.  My ops manager is back after 3 weeks travelling, and it's nice to have him there to shoulder some of the things that were driving me crazy.  Honestly, we are such a close-knit team at work that's it's just stressful when one of us is missing.  Plus we are doing samples for the High Point Furniture Market, and that is always a crazy time.

I had my first puking experience with the band...yuck.  Casey and I both had the stomach flu last weekend.  It was a short spell, thank goodness.  Mine started Sunday at about 7 PM and I only threw up once.  It was pretty awful, but not as bad as I was afraid it would be.  I think the worst part was the panic about what could happen to my band.  I called the fill doc first thing on Monday and she called some anti-nausea meds in for me.  When I found out they were suppositories, I willed myself to not be sick anymore.  Exit only folks, exit only.

I am one pound away from working off the SEVEN POUNDS that I gained on my night of drinking with friends - it's only been a friggin' month.  So I am back down to 49 pounds lost.  Putting this into perspective...this is 25% of my ultimate goal for my loss.  And it's over one third of the loss I need to reach the goal the nutritionist set for me.  I think that is AWESOME if I do say so myself!!  Not too shabby for 5 months since my decision to have surgery.

I have made some crappy food decisions during my last three weeks of work stress.  Realization made, now moving forward.  I am trying to get more water in - not doing too bad.  I probably get about 60 ounces every day.

We went to the beach last weekend - the same day as the puking, but earlier in the day.  LOL.  It was the weekend that the moon was so big, and the tides were crazy.  Check out this cool shot of the underwater jetty that was out of the water because the tide was so low:
Pretty awesome.  Now that spring is here I'm hoping to get some wear out of the ton of bathing suits I bought last year - before they are too big.  So hopefully We'll be spending more time at the beach.  We cancelled our cruise, but we're going to beach it with my brother and neice when they are here in May.  I'm super excited!
Well my friends in blog land, it's nighty night time again!  Keep up the good work!  We are all awesome for changing our lives - that means you!!!


  1. I noticed!!!!!! I hate that you have been having a rough time and I am glad that it seems to be getting better. BTW, that pic is amazing!

  2. Hi Melissa Mae, thank you for Following me! So glad to hear that your vomiting was short lived, it can be scary with the Band! And I love your photo!

  3. P.S.) I am giving you a shout out in my Blog today!!

  4. We missed you, too! :)

    49 lbs is AWESOME! We rock, if I do say so myself. So glad your sickness didn't last too long. I agree... exit only.

    The beach looks like absolute paradise. Ugh. So jelly.

  5. I am a new follower - you are making some great progress - well done :)

  6. Sorry about the puking! Poor girl. Glad it didn't last too long. :)