Thursday, April 7, 2011

Back to the gym and 50 POUNDS (revisited)!!

So - as you may have guessed, I have lost the elusive 1 pound and I am back down to 319 (50 pounds lost.)  No more binge drinking for (wow - I just sounded like an alcoholic!)

I finally got back into the gym tonight after almost 2 weeks.  I refuse to complain about my crazy job in this post, but if you have been following, you will remember how crazy things have been.  It felt to good to get back and I did 30 minutes of cardio and then an hour with my trainer.  She really whipped my hiney tonight.  I was surprised because everything felt light on my normal settings tonight.  Alex says I "came back strong"  LOL.  But seriously - I was like super Melissa tonight!!

I am STILL struggling to get into a routine with my cardio at home.  It seems even more hard to get it in now that I have to focus on school work at night too.  Thank God I have lost weight and have more energy - a year ago I would be sleeping right now from everything I'm trying to cram in my days.

We had a pizza lunch today at work.  I ate one piece of pizza - I can't remember in my whole life before the band being able to be satisfied with ONE piece of pizza.  It was such a great realization - looking down at that second piece on my plate and just not wanting it.  I love my band.

That being said - I think I am almost ready for another fill.  I don't know if it's soon, or the right time, or what.  I have 4.4 cc's from my first fill on 2/21.  What do you guys think?  Let's talk about "restriction."  Is it real or just a state of mind?  I know what "stuck" feels like, but I just don't know if what I experience when I eat can be called restriction.

Do you guys eat pineapple?  I read somewhere that some bandsters can't.  I have discovered a true love for pineapple - it's so good, and it keeps me not hungry for HOURS.  What do you guys eat that keeps you satisfied for a long time?? 

I'm going car shopping this weekend - I will post pics of me in my new ride!!  Hope all is well in band land for all my lovely friends.  Stay strong!!  Super Melissa, signing off.


  1. I love pineapple and have no problem eating it.

    Amy W. said today that restriction is like an orgasim. If you're not sure you've ever had one, then you haven't. I thought that was cute and a pretty good comparison!

    On the other hand, I like my band rather loose personally. I want to be able to eat ALL foods in moderation (including pizza - my fav). I just need the band to keep my portion sizes small. I don't need it to prevent me from eating bread or pasta or anything else.

  2. Some people can't eat pizza, but I think if you are satisfied with one piece, you are doing great! I like it when I can eat whatever foods, just in smaller portions.