Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I could put my foot in a cheeseburger right now... normal me is back.  No more bad mood. 

Did I mention that my husband makes cheeseburgers for a living???  Well, not really, he is a district manager for Five Guys

He loves his job, and I love that he loves his job.  But last night he came home from working in a store and he smelled delicious!!!  I have never considered cannibalism before, but...just kidding!  It didn't help that I was grumpy and hungry (on liquids for Pre-Op.)  So I just sat there, drank my dinner and then went to bed.

But it got me thinking about how much my relationship with food has changed over the last few months.  I think for the first two weeks, I felt like I had broken up with a boyfriend.  I mean, I LOVE food.  Am I still allowed to love food after the band?  Sure, but just in a different way.  I can't wait to be one of those girls who eats three bites and then says "Oh, I'm soooooo full."  I have always hated those girls - but I will love it when it is me.

Today may be a tough day.  It is Christmas luncheon at work and then my fater-in-law is cooking tonight since he has to work on Christmas.  I will just think about the future and drink my protein shake.

The Sadist (aka my nutritionist) said I could have green salad, so I will do that.  Christmas Salad...yummy!!  LOL.  Can I at least PRETEND it's a cheeseburger??  Yeah, we'll see how that works.

Anyway, Here's a pic of me and my girls at work getting festive.  Aren't we cute?? 

Ok kiddies...back to work.  TTFN

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