Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

So Santa actually came early for me this year.  I got a new treadmill to help with my "project" (as I have decided to refer to my weight loss.) 

I bought Casey and I passes to Disney World for Christmas.  This serves a twofold is becasue I love Disney, and I have so much fun being there and people watching, and talking to everyone (yes, I am the crazy woman who talks to random people in line...sorry, it's the southern in me.)  The second reason is it gets me off my @$$ and walking around the parks.  We spent about 8 hours today at Hollywood Studios and most of it was walking.  We did wait for over an hour for the new Toy Story ride (sooooo much fun)  but I figure better standing in line than sitting my fat butt on my couch!!

Anyway, I hope everyone out there had a great Christmas and I hope Santa brought you everything you wished for!! 

Here's a pic of us tonight...we're so cute together!!!

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