Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I am swiss cheese...yummmm

So, it is done!!!  I feel pretty good.  They let me come back to the hotel with Casey, so I decided to blog away.

The doctors and nurses at the OCC are so wonderful!!  Someone actually put my compression stockings (sssssexy) on for me.  In the US they usually just throw them on the end of your bed and let you fight it out!

I was in and out of the OR in 30 minutes, and an hour later I was dragging my IV around the halls chatting with everyone else.  I met some great people today!

OH, and the nutritionist was actually really nice.  She told me she was very proud of me for losing 35 pounds.  I take back all the mean things I said - but can I keep my Mexican Wresler name??  Pretty please?

Here are the sexy paper panties they had me wear under my gown!  Mind you , once they were on, they lost this shape and turned into a paper thong from front to back!!!  Super hot!

Here I am pre-op in my sexy gown...I am a fasion diva in my hospital garb.

And here's my incisions.  The only one that I would say hurts is the big one where they put my port in.

Overall, it was not a bad day!  I am off to eat my broth!!

Love from Mexico!!


  1. I AM YOUR FIRST FOLLOWER! im so proud of you. cant wait to see you!!!! =)

  2. LOL!!!!! Gotta love that paper thong! My husband laughed so hard when they told me I had to wear it. I am proud of you and congrats on the surgery and the weightloss!