Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I am not really excited about this - I just like exclamation marks.  So I weighed myself and I have GAINED 3 pounds since I started solids.  WTF, WTH, WIGNIGO?  I made that last one up, and I think you should all use it...if you can figure out what it means...LOL!

I am happy to be off liquids.  And admittedly I have been eating some stuff I probably shouldn't be.  I had 3/4 of an enchilada on Tuesday and 11 shrimp last night. 

Oh, when I went to the doctor about my crazy non-chicken pox rash, they could not find my pulse to take my blood pressure.  I had been feeling wonky and suddenly I thought maybe my BP was too low.  I have not taken my pills in a few days and the wonkyness went away.  I'm gonna go back on them and see what happens and if the wonkyness comes back, I will have to go back to the doctor.  I would like it if I could not take them anymore. 

I feel like I have some restriction.  I mean, I was pretty full after my 3/4 of an enchilada, and before surgery I would have inhaled the whole plate.  I have been having tuna salad and fruit for lunch and it fills me up.  I like seeing how little I can eat and feel full.  It makes me feel like a skinny chick!!

I called the gym today to see about setting up to have some trainer sessions.  It's $25 for 30 minute sessions, and they have a deal for 12 sessions for $250.  So, I think I'm gonna start ASAP.  She is supposed to call me back for a consult.  I am still having little twinges in my port area, so I have some concerns about that.  And I'm gonna have to explain that.  I'd hate to push it and end up hurting myself or my band.  That would suck.  But I am in the mood to push myself.  I have sooooooo much energy.  My entire office staff is ready to move me out of the office into the plant.  I was running around  doing leg kicks out to the side on Monday.  LOL.  I think I may be insane.

So it's big time now.  Time to start being serious.  I am making chicken with artichokes and sun dried tomatoes tonight.  Weighing my food and sticking to the rules...check!  And I need to drink more water.  What are the rules about how long before and after meals you can drink???  I have heard 30 minutes and I have heard one hour.  Guess I need to email the doctor.

Happy Wednesday everyone...we're half way to the weekend!!


  1. 30 minutes is what Dr Miranda told me. Also, I totally understand how you feel. I have been yoyoing with 3 pounds for about 2 months now. I lose it and then I gain it back. WIGNIGO!!!!!! LOL! BTW- What in Green Neptune Is Going On!
    I had port issues for a month or two but now I only get a pang when my 3 year old elbows me. Great idea to get a trainer. I am back to working out and hope that it will help. You are doing great. Have you had any NSVs? The energy sounds like a great one. Sometimes we just have to focus on those until the scale stops its evil tirade and moves.

  2. I wait 1 hour after a meal to start drinking. Every surgeon is different. You most definitely should tell the trainer about your band. They need to know all of that stuff. Once you start on solid food after liquids, you will see a small weight gain. Just keep choosing the right foods and continue with portion control, and you should be fine until your fill. Good luck!

  3. 30 minutes before and after to drink...

    Def tell the trainer! I wish I had mine back, I had one for a few years prior to having surgery, but it just got too expensive. I guess she was the best it was like $100 a session or something!

    Just watch calories and portions, I don't think you need to be super crazy about it, but remember everything that goes in has calories! For me, it helps to get in a bit of routine, I eat pretty much the same stuff daily unless I go out, then I don't have to sit and weigh and count stuff out.

  4. LOL. Desiree I was actually going for What in Good Night Is Going On? But I like yours too!! THanks to everyone for all your support! I love The Sisterhood of the Band!!