Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Weigh In Wednesday

Lost 0 pounds since last Wednesday.  I don't want to talk about it...

I have my first session with the trainer tonight.  I'm hoping this will kick start some weight loss.  I was supposed to go last night but we were under tornado warning and neither of us thought it was a smart idea to be out and about.  I really get a good vibe from her (Alex, for future reference.)  I guess we will see how I feel about her at 7:00 tonight when the session is over!!  LOL!

I use Daily Plate to track calories, and it says at my height and weight with a sedentary lifestyle that I should be at 1280 calories a day to average 3 pounds loss per week. I am starting to think they made this number up out of thin air.  I know I wasn't eating that many calories on my pre-op, and I wasn't losing 3 pounds per week.  Is this too many calories?  Good grief...I just don't know.  What about protein? How much should I be taking in daily?  I think I am a little lost at to what my next steps should be.

But I was just 4 weeks post op I know I need to be patient.  I just wish the scale would move down a little bit to boost my spirits.  UGH.

I did get good news.  My mom is coming to visit next month and she's bringing my niece.  Then a couple days after they come, my dad and brother will join us.  It will  be so good to see everyone!!  I haven't seen my parents since May of 2009.
That's Natalee.  She's awesome!! 

Well, off to deal with some more ridiculous work stuff!  Happy Wednesday everyone!  Kisses...


  1. I hate stalled scales!!!!! LOL, I can't wait to read how your trainer is, I keep picturing Jillian from the biggest loser. I was never really given a protien amount either. Just told to eat it first and then veggies and then carbs. Let me know if you hear how much

  2. My doc says we need at least 60 gm of protein per day, I don't think I get anywhere NEAR that! lol It's not surprising that you weren't losing 3 lbs per week eating less than 1200 calories on your pre-op, I think anything under 1200 is supposed to slow weight loss because your body goes into starvation mode. (At least that's what I've heard!) I would speak to my surgeon if I were you and see what his requirements are for diet post-operatively. My doc is SUPER strict. Not that I stick to it all the time... TAKE THAT DOC FOX! lol

    Anyway, I guess I should mention that I'm a new follower and my blog is here: if you want to follow me as well! :)